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Pinterest has recently announced that it has created specific business pages. This means that any company, brand, website or blogger can now have a page under their company name rather than first name, last name. This is great for anyone using Pinterest for business.

There’s a new set of terms and conditions for businesses (which, in turn, has made the terms for users much simpler). Businesses will also have access to information from Pinterest on how to best use the site.

There is also the opportunity to get your website verified. This lets users know they are following genuine sources of information and makes it easier to find a business in the search results.

Having a business account also makes it easier to integrate Pinterest buttons into your site. This helps users to share and find your content. It’ll bring a whole new level of engagement to your website and Pinterest boards.

There’s the Pin It button, which allows users to pin content directly from your site. The Follow Button is a quick way for users to follow all of your boards in one go. There’s also the Profile Widget that allows shows your most recent 30 pins. You can integrate this into your site so users can get an idea of the sort of things you pin.

The Board Widget works in a similar way to the Profile Widget. It will show 30 of your most recent pins from a board of your choice. This is great if you have a number of boards but only really want to show off one on your website.

Business accounts will also receive updates on new features as they are announced.

There are now a number of Pinterest case studies available that will give you an insight into the best practices for business users on Pinterest.

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