Twitter For Business: Forget Followers, Build Relationships

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So, you’ve followed our top tips for Twitter and set up a Twitter account for your business. You have been tweeting and you gained loads of new followers at first but now that has plateaued. Does that mean your social media campaign has failed? No, and here’s why.

Most people think of Twitter as a numbers game. If your follower numbers aren’t increasing then something must be going wrong. Forget followers, it’s the relationships you have with people that makes all the difference.

You could have a million followers, but if none of them interact with you by conversing, favouriting and retweeting then it means nothing. Building those relationships can be tricky, and maintaining them will take time, but putting that effort in shows your customers that you care about them and it can put a likeable personality behind a faceless corporation. That could be what makes the difference between someone choosing to use you over one of your competitors.

Here’s how you can master the art of Twitter relationships:

Target high influence users 

Look for other tweeters who are interested in your sector. There will likely be a lot, so narrow it down to those who have a lot of interaction with a large number of followers. Put all these users into a private list and make an effort to comment on their activity, re-tweet and favourite them as much as possible. Soon they will start to talk back and you will find account activity increasing across the board.

Always thank people

Whenever you get a new follower or interaction on your account thank the user and comment on something from their timeline or blog to show you’re actually interested in them and not just a robot. This makes every follower remember you, and less likely to un-follow you in the future.

Monitor your activity

You can use a service like Twitonomy to analyse your Twitter stats. Look at things like your most re-tweeted tweets, most active times of day and which followers you have the most interaction with to optimise your campaign so you are online, tweeting what your followers are interested in at the right times. You can get some great information with a basic free account and can search data for any Twitter user too.

Learn to adapt

As with any social media platform you need to be able to adapt your approach to suit your followers. You might have an aim of increasing sales through Twitter but find your followers are unresponsive to that, so you will need to change your approach to fit their interests.

Stay Neutral

Beware of getting too involved in discussions around current affairs and showing too much of your personal opinion. While you want to build relationships and show that you are a real person you are still representing a business and need to avoid alienating potential customers who don’t agree with you. If you’re unsure whether you should show an allegiance to one side of an argument, stay out of it all together!

Building relationships on Twitter takes time and patience. It won’t happen overnight and you might have to try several approaches before something really clicks. Keep at it, but if you want to learn more about Twitter for Business then you may be interested in our one-day social media courses.


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